Luxury Travel PremiumAir Worldwide

International Flights & Travel Destinations

With stops to major travel destinations around the world, PremiumAir flies to 40 tourist and must-see locations and 7 continents including Antarctica. We reach cities worldwide, islands, and even the remotest areas of the world.

PremiumAir specializes not only in quality flights but going the extra mile to take you to exactly where you want to go. Remote areas and scenic destinations include a helicopter flight over of the area with 5 stops for photographs of wildlife and scenery. Free unlimited video and photography service is included to document your special trip. 

Several options for accommodations and transportation are able to be selected at the time of booking your flight. No reservation is too much to ask. We make dream trips happen.

It’s Luxury Travel You Can Trust.


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A Weath of Insight: The World’s Best Luxury Hoteliers on Leadership,
Management, and the Future of 5-Star Hospitality

by Rahim B. Kanani

Luxury Travel Accessories

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Places to Go – Your Passport to the World
2019 | TV Parental Guideline Rating: TV-14 | CC

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Cox Berry Farm’s Fresh Fruit Farmers Market

Featuring some of the freshest fruit in Texas, Cox Berry Farm’s Farmers Market is open to the public on the first Saturday of each month. Here you can find fruit bursting with flavor and juice freshness. Fruit is a natural source of sugar and vitamins. Perfect for a summer salad, or smoothie, you can find some of the ripest selections of organic fruit, free of chemicals, grown locally by farmers.

Vibrant colors of fruit are lined up ready for sale. Fresh fruit picked just a few days before the market is brought by farmers by the truckload and put on display for selection. Apples, peaches, cherries and bananas; citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges; melons bursting with the juicy flavor of cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon; and delicious, fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. 

Each shopper is greeted with a hand-held basket to make their selection. Shoppers are welcome to sample fruit before purchasing. Farmers also take orders for bulk quantities to be shipped to destinations in the United States. Whether eaten individually, used for preparing a special drink, or cutting it up to make a fruit salad or dessert, Cox Berry Farm’s Fresh Fruit Farmers Market has some of the freshest fruit in the area. [The Cox Berry Farm concept is a proposed company for a sample project]

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Jean Anderson’s Preserving Guide: How to Pickle and Preserve, Can and Freeze, Dry and Store Vegetables and Fruits
by Jean Anderson

How to Grow More Vegetables, Ninth Edition: (and Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops) Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land with Less Water Than You Can Imagine
by John Jeavons and Alice Waters

Beginner’s Guide to Canning: 90 Easy Recipes to Can, Savor, and Gift 
by Diane Devereaux

Canning and Preserving For Dummies
by Amelia Jeanroy and Karen Ward

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Make Your Own Jam

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Interactive Children’s Media, Media Kit

Interactive Media

Interactive Children’s Media is changing the way children are learning. Studies suggest 85% of children are using the internet and over 60% are using educational applications. Children can have fun while learning captivated by tech-savvy applications that stimulate their minds. Interactive Children’s Media specializes in providing customized media solutions for software applications. Integrating software applications for cross-platform use provides more options for compatibility with desktop computers, iPads and notebooks, cell phones, and game consoles. Children have instant access to information and are inundated with relevant and useful content increasing literacy and learning.

Interactive media engages children with the use of their senses. Children use their eyes, hands, and ears as they interact with applications. They are able to work at their own pace to achieve learning goals. Online educational games utilize incentive-based levels and reward systems which encourage children as they progress through the learning application. Learning games are an affirming and a positive experience for self-motivated learners. Experiencing these small achievements enhances the learning experience as content is delivered to the child.

Interactive Children’s Media is currently developing augmented reality and virtual reality programs creating a 3-D experience for children to learn within. New technology incorporates sense technology that adds smells to the environment, climate control options, and movement. Simulator experts have developed a line of accessories which will be available next year.

Interactive Children’s Media’s advertising team offers promotional opportunities for businesses to advertise their children’s products. Taking your product to market never could be easier! Advertise in our printed magazine or let us promote your product on social media! Call for pricing.


We offer print advertising for our product catalog, trade show brochure, and e-book. Leverage your brand and generate leads easier by advertising in our well-known publications. Advertising in print helps build credibility to your audience by providing them with reliable content information in a tangible format. Readers have longer attention spans than those viewing advertising online—something to take advantage of, especially when studies show that 65% of publication readers will be more likely to purchase after viewing print advertising. As an extra bonus to your marketing mix, have your print advertising work in tandem with digital advertising. Promote your website or include a QR Code with an incentive to view your company online. 

Printed advertising is available in a two-page spread, horizontal half-spread, full-page, half-page horizontal, half-page vertical, and quarter-page vertical size formats. Schedule run dates for issue, placement, and ad space availability  online and by phone. Please see the chart below of the list of page sizes offered.

If you need help setting up an ad, we have services available to do just this. Just give us a call and we will create an ad for you as part of our graphics services! 

Social Media

Target your advertising according to demographics and interest on Facebook providing your target market with relevant content and campaign advertising to successfully reach them. We offer several different advertising options for advertising placement on Facebook. Choose to place a simple Image Ad which is static, or run a Video Ad instead. Carousel advertising can run up to 10 images, slideshows, or videos in one single campaign.  

Advertise with fewer characters and reach your audience’s attention with conciseness. The Image Website Card includes a static ad with image, title, and description. Single and Promoted Video Advertising is also available with additional size options and character lengths.

Build relationships and B2B marketing opportunities. Advertising on LinkedIn increases lead generation which develops brand awareness and conversion rate. There are several static and media options available. We also can create an advertising campaign for you and measure your advertising ROI using analytics. 

Looking to be found? Advertise on Google to increase conversions. Google Adwords and SEO benefits are reasons to consider advertising options on Google. Higher rankings in Google’s search engine means greater visibility of your ad to your audience. We offer various advertising sizes for each of your marketing campaigns. Give us a call to discuss all the options you are searching for in further detail!

[The Interactive Media concept is a proposed company for a sample project. Statistics presented here are not based on researched information.]

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Read more about Interactive Media:
Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning
by Doug Buehl

Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning:
Building Interactive, Fun, and Effective Learning Programs for Any Company

by Michael W. Allen and Tony Bingham

Interaction Online:
Creative Activities for Blended Learning (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

by Lindsay Clandfield and Jill Hadfield

#1 Learn To Read Program!
Hooked on Phonics

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Elie’s Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 4-Pack

When you are looking for a tasty bagel bursting in raisins and cinnamon flavor, reach for an Elie’s Cinnamon Raisin Bagel. Elie’s Cinnamon Raisin Bagels are wondrously soft and chewy. Toasted or eaten right away, these bagels are delicious with cream cheese or butter spread on top. The cinnamon taste blended with raisins makes for a satisfying combination in a hearty bagel for breakfast or as a snack. Elie’s Cinnamon Raisin Bagels are made with non-GMO flour, are kosher, and are boiled and hearth baked by our bakery. There are 4 bagels in a bag pre-sliced for convenience. Bagels add calcium to your diet and are a good source of protein and fiber. Make it fulfilling, make it a bagel.eliecinammonraisinbagels

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M&M’s Mint Dark Chocolate Candy, M&M’s Pretzel Chocolate Candy, and M&M’s Fudge Brownie Chocolate Candy

Offering more choices for chocolate lovers, M&M’s chocolate candies come in mint dark chocolate, pretzel chocolate, and fudge brownie flavors. Enjoy these special flavors of M&M’s which combine chocolate favorites together for a delicious taste that melts in your mouth. The decadent taste of mint and dark chocolate, the crunchy and salty combination of chocolate coated pretzels, and the richness of fudge brownies are available as M&M candy. These M&M flavors come in 1.41 oz. individual-sized single bags or cartons, 8-9.6 oz. sharing size, 15.4 oz. family-sized and 38 oz. party-sized packages. M&M’s satisfy hunger and sweet cravings enjoyed piece by piece or by the handful. Chocolate M&M pieces are fun to eat and delightfully melt in your mouth with as you snack. Enjoy these M&M chocolate combinations for your next snack, in a recipe, or at your next party!


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M&M’s Mint Dark Chocolate Candy
M&M’s Pretzel Chocolate Candy
M&M’S Fudge Brownie Chocolate Candy


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LeClaude Learning Center

Our Schools and Programs
LeClaude Learning Center knows the importance of a good education. It take instruction and practice to master material. At LeClaude Learning Center, we have specialized teachers who are trained to teach in small group settings as well as one-on-one to help your child master areas in the arts, language, literacy, and mathematics. Our programs are paced to fit the needs of the student, helping them rapidly progress toward achieving goals. We identify how students learn best and implement creative lessons for fun and effective instruction. We pride ourselves in our customized workout plans, utilizing differentiated instructional strategies, to meet the varying needs of all students and exceed the established standards. Whether it’s learning a new subject area or reinforcing classroom material, our instructors bring motivation, enthusiasm, and expertise for quality instruction and providing an excellent classroom experience.  learningcenter_students 

Our arts program includes studies in dance, fine art, theater, and music. Students have the opportunity to study these areas and showcase their accomplishments. Instructors from these programs are highly experienced in their discipline and in instruction. Each program is offered for all ages, meeting grade level objectives and challenging students beyond grade level. The following is a list of the program offerings in the Arts Program.

The dance program offers classes in ballet, hip-hop, tap and choreography. Our instructors come from the top dance schools from around the United States. The choreography class is the first in the nation to teach students under the age of 14 how to design choreography performances. Students have the opportunity to perform in quarterly arts performances in March, June, September, and December. These performances are held in the main auditorium.

The art program offers classes in drawing, painting, calligraphy, and clay. Each year the community is invited to see the art created from this program. Student’s artwork is displayed in our Galleríe Display and students also have a chance to sell their artwork in the ArtWork Exhibition.

Theater classes are taught by performers from Broadway. Each year, this program hosts 4 plays open to the general public. Students learn drama techniques, rehearsal techniques, facial expressions, tonal variations, and body language. We also offer a costume and set decorating class where students learn how to build sets and costumes.

Students have the opportunity to learn to sing as part of an acapella choir, individually, or learn to play a specific instrument. As part of the program, students perform as part of the quarterly Talent Show. 

Our language program includes studies in English, writing, literature, and foreign languages. These courses are offered to students looking to enhance literacy or learn a new language. Students will gather a greater understanding and mastery of the English language, writing, and literary classics. Students studying foreign languages will have plenty of resources to learn the language and practice it with chances for immersion programs and international travel.

We teach mastering the English language by improving the use of proper grammar and expansion of vocabulary. Students learn how to research and develop outlines, write at an advanced level using MLA and AP Styles, and proof-reading techniques for editing. Students have the chance to work with local newspapers on projects to practice their skills.

In our writing course, students have the chance to write different types of genre including research papers, editorial, copywriting, poetry, and song lyrics. Student writings are published both on the student’s individual website as well as in a printed journal which is used to showcase their progress and work.

The literature program enhances literacy as students read a selection of the classics, fiction, and non-fiction books. Discussions between students are done in class and through the online class forum to dive into main topics, themes, and questions posed. Instructors work one-on-one with students who may be struggling with reading classics in school and assist in understanding the writings and working their way through the text.

We also offer various foreign languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Mandarin, Marathi, and Swahili. Students have the chance to learn individually one-on-one with native speakers, in small group settings to practice conversation, and by using interactive media in the language lab to practice grammar and vocabulary. Travel abroad programs are offered yearly for students to visit countries and experience the culture. The exchange student program works in tandem with local school districts to offer international immersion. 

Our mathematics program offers one-on-one advancement in elementary, secondary, and college mathematics. We teach using manipulatives and hands-on-application practices. Interactive media is available in the computer lab for additional practice with puzzles, virtual reality math games, and quizzes. Our advanced math instructors have doctorates degrees in Math and are masters at clarity with explanations and providing visual to demonstrate math theories.

Elementary math concepts are taught and practiced in tandem with grade-level, classroom learning objectives. Students have manipulatives available to apply math concepts. Color coding systems are used as visual goal setters for students along with rewards for accomplishments. Students are introduced to number sense and methods to learn how to computing numbers quickly. Students are introduced to new math concepts filled with creative, fun-filled, instruction.

Students studying secondary math have instructors available to teach algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Class time is divided into a daily review session of previously taught material, instruction on new material, and then practical application. Students have time set aside each class to address questions and challenging areas. The computer lab is available for students to practice what they have learned using interactive media.

College math concepts are taught one-on-one with accomplished math instructors. These instructors teach math theory and practical application. Topics available for instruction include statistics, linear algebra, math modeling, probability, calculus I and II. 

Applications Process

The application process is simple. Go to our website at and register for a course. Fill out the online form and submit it. You will be contacted within 24 hours to complete final registration and payment. An appointment will be scheduled to meet with the school, class instructor, and complete an assessment. Customized instruction will be created for your child in each enrolled subject area. Classes start each quarter in January, March, June, and September.  

LeClaude and Beyond
Our goal is to have your student reach their goals and beyond, successfully prepared for their next endeavors. We build a foundation from which your child can transition to the next level. 

We are happy to build a portfolio of your student’s work, provide references, and help assist in application processes for college and employment. Our alumni club will attest to the success of our highly acclaimed school and programs. Please join us on the 15th of each month for a catered alumni event where students, families, and prospective students can meet with alumni to ask questions and have an understanding of the dynamics of our school.[LeClaude Learning Center is a proposed concept for a sample project]

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Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital first opened its doors in 2001. As the first international Children’s Hospital in the Southwest, we are excited to introduce our staff from over 15 countries in the world. The international library at Children’s Hospital is one of the most complete libraries for research with over 1 million books, medical journals, and medical documents. The facilities are first-class and welcoming, providing a child-friendly environment to all patients. 

The doctors at Children’s Hospital are trained specialists in providing medical care to children. With over 200 doctors on staff and 100 nurses, the hospital serves over 4,000 patients at one time. Specialty care is available for a number of different medical conditions with expert doctors on site. The Emergency Room provides medical care, and surgical treatment to critically injured or ill children, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our roof-top-helicopter pad delivers patients as part of our FlightCare program. Patients are admitted to our Trauma Unit where emergency care is available. Children’s Hospital also delivers on average 5,000 babies a year. Our neonatal intensive care unit cares for premature babies and has 18 nurses on staff for around the clock intensive care. Providing premium care in our state-of-the-art facility, our staff meets values with the goal to exceed expectations. 

Children’s Hospital is first in its class. Our facility is welcoming to all of our guests. From the moment of check-in, through the entire medical process, to check-out, and follow-up, we ensure that each child and their family is treated with the dignity, respect, and the expertise we hold to with our core values. Each child has a dedicated nurse assigned, a meal plan set-up, and detailed patient records which are kept on file until they reach age 21. Parents are well-informed and are a key part of all processes and procedures. 

Specialized Care
Heart, head, arms, legs, nervous system, or muscular—inside or out—we have specialty doctors who can provide treatment to children. Our specialty areas are just one reason why Children’s Hospital has been the choice of families when it comes to their child’s medical needs.

We realize that being in a hospital can cause anxiety and fear, especially to children. In addition to medical services, our goal is to make your child feel comfortable. We incorporate this as part of our process. Nurses are trained to make children feel welcomed providing them with smiles, toys, media, and social environments to ease their fears. Counseling services are available too. We wipe away tears with our exceptional caring team, and we have plenty of hugs and encouragement. Our art therapy program is part of every child’s visit. Childozo the Clown visits each child, bringing animal balloons along with his Art Wagon. Children have the opportunity to draw and work on art projects while listening to music and jokes to brighten their day. Each child at Children’s Hospital receives a We Love You Child bear to take home with them. It’s just one way we show we care. Because at Children’s—we know they have a lot to bear.

Levels of Care
Children’s Hospital is about reaching for the top when it comes to levels of care. Each floor has dedicated teams of doctors, nurses, and medical staff trained in medical treatment for children. Caring for children’s well-being during their stay is part of each medical professional’s job. Achieving excellence is providing premium quality service while providing the best in medical treatment. 

You’ll be delighted at the bright colors and original artwork found on each floor. Whimsical, playfully, painted walls are painted specific to each floor combining scenes from each specialty area. Artists from around the world were commissioned to paint in the spirit of happiness, joy, and hope. The collage of artwork stretches the lengths of the hallways with interactive stations along the way. Children find joy in interacting with artwork while they are in recovery walking down the hallways escorted by nurses.

Elevators and stairwells are located on each floor next to patient lounge areas and children’s playrooms. Maps to the hospital are found located next to the elevators. If you ever need guest assistance, do not hesitate to ask. We are glad to help.

font-size: inherit; font-style: inherit;”>It’s what we do, every day—working together with families, our team of doctors are on-site and on-call to serve your needs, making your child our top priority. We want you to be happy, not only with successes from treatments and procedures but by building a life long relationship as your trusted children’s hospital, carrying and providing for your child’s medical needs through adulthood. We are here for you holding true to our core values of quality care, dignity and respect, and integrity and innovation.  [The Children’s Hospital brand shown here is a concept for a project]

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Caring for the Hospitalized Child: A Handbook of Inpatient Pediatrics
by American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Hospital Medicine, Jeffrey C. Gershel MD FAAP, et al.

The Children’s Hospital Guide to Your Child’s Health and Development
by Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, et al.

Gifts for Girls
Ganz Get Well Soon Teddy Bear with a Pink Robe, Blankie for Girls, a Unicorn Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8 & Madisi Pencils for Quiet Entertainment When Your Child is Feeling Under The Weather

Ganz Get Well Soon Teddy Bear with a Pink Robe, Blankie for Girls with My Trip to The Hospital Book Gift Set Promoting Speedy Recovery and Comfort

Gifts for Boys

Deluxe Boys Feel Better Soon Get Well Gift Basket Care Package For Kids Prefilled with Toys, Activities, and Plush Ages 4-8

Premade Spiderman Gift Basket for Young Boys Ideas for Boys Birthday Get Well

Other Gift Ideas
Crayola and Coloring Books
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Amazon FreeTime – Endless Access to Top Kid Content
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