Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital first opened its doors in 2001. As the first international Children’s Hospital in the Southwest, we are excited to introduce our staff from over 15 countries in the world. The international library at Children’s Hospital is one of the most complete libraries for research with over 1 million books, medical journals, and medical documents. The facilities are first-class and welcoming, providing a child-friendly environment to all patients. 

The doctors at Children’s Hospital are trained specialists in providing medical care to children. With over 200 doctors on staff and 100 nurses, the hospital serves over 4,000 patients at one time. Specialty care is available for a number of different medical conditions with expert doctors on site. The Emergency Room provides medical care, and surgical treatment to critically injured or ill children, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our roof-top-helicopter pad delivers patients as part of our FlightCare program. Patients are admitted to our Trauma Unit where emergency care is available. Children’s Hospital also delivers on average 5,000 babies a year. Our neonatal intensive care unit cares for premature babies and has 18 nurses on staff for around the clock intensive care. Providing premium care in our state-of-the-art facility, our staff meets values with the goal to exceed expectations. 

Children’s Hospital is first in its class. Our facility is welcoming to all of our guests. From the moment of check-in, through the entire medical process, to check-out, and follow-up, we ensure that each child and their family is treated with the dignity, respect, and the expertise we hold to with our core values. Each child has a dedicated nurse assigned, a meal plan set-up, and detailed patient records which are kept on file until they reach age 21. Parents are well-informed and are a key part of all processes and procedures. 

Specialized Care
Heart, head, arms, legs, nervous system, or muscular—inside or out—we have specialty doctors who can provide treatment to children. Our specialty areas are just one reason why Children’s Hospital has been the choice of families when it comes to their child’s medical needs.

We realize that being in a hospital can cause anxiety and fear, especially to children. In addition to medical services, our goal is to make your child feel comfortable. We incorporate this as part of our process. Nurses are trained to make children feel welcomed providing them with smiles, toys, media, and social environments to ease their fears. Counseling services are available too. We wipe away tears with our exceptional caring team, and we have plenty of hugs and encouragement. Our art therapy program is part of every child’s visit. Childozo the Clown visits each child, bringing animal balloons along with his Art Wagon. Children have the opportunity to draw and work on art projects while listening to music and jokes to brighten their day. Each child at Children’s Hospital receives a We Love You Child bear to take home with them. It’s just one way we show we care. Because at Children’s—we know they have a lot to bear.

Levels of Care
Children’s Hospital is about reaching for the top when it comes to levels of care. Each floor has dedicated teams of doctors, nurses, and medical staff trained in medical treatment for children. Caring for children’s well-being during their stay is part of each medical professional’s job. Achieving excellence is providing premium quality service while providing the best in medical treatment. 

You’ll be delighted at the bright colors and original artwork found on each floor. Whimsical, playfully, painted walls are painted specific to each floor combining scenes from each specialty area. Artists from around the world were commissioned to paint in the spirit of happiness, joy, and hope. The collage of artwork stretches the lengths of the hallways with interactive stations along the way. Children find joy in interacting with artwork while they are in recovery walking down the hallways escorted by nurses.

Elevators and stairwells are located on each floor next to patient lounge areas and children’s playrooms. Maps to the hospital are found located next to the elevators. If you ever need guest assistance, do not hesitate to ask. We are glad to help.

font-size: inherit; font-style: inherit;”>It’s what we do, every day—working together with families, our team of doctors are on-site and on-call to serve your needs, making your child our top priority. We want you to be happy, not only with successes from treatments and procedures but by building a life long relationship as your trusted children’s hospital, carrying and providing for your child’s medical needs through adulthood. We are here for you holding true to our core values of quality care, dignity and respect, and integrity and innovation.  [The Children’s Hospital brand shown here is a concept for a project]

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