Jackie’s Journey

The Salvation Army’s Family Hope Housing Program

Last summer, the Family Hope Housing program provided an affordable, 3-bedroom rental home for a current client named Jackie and her family. Within the last year, Jackie and her family have maintained the cost of living while increasing monthly savings. Along with housing, she has found personal growth with the Family Hope program through career development and maintaining a budget. Having reached stability with housing and income, she is now able to provide for her family.

The Family Hope and Family Self-Sufficiency Program assists clients with professional case management and employment goals. Case workers help clients achieve financial goals, meet career objectives, and provide advice through counseling. Meeting with case workers, Jackie realized she needed to find additional work to sustain her family’s needs each month. Jackie was able to find additional employment in a secondary job, while holding a full-time position. She is currently studying for an exam which will qualify her for a desired position she is seeking within the school system, which would eliminate the need to have a second job. The Family Hope and Family Self-Sufficiency Program has been encouraging and has served as a supportive resource bring hope to her family.  With additional income, she has been able to contribute to her growing savings account each month and establish an emergency fund. Meeting regularly with case workers she discusses her progress, concerns and financial goals. She has created a budget and is careful with her spending. Jackie is hopeful as she plans for the future.

Jackie prepares to exit the program later this year. She is confident in being self-sufficient providing for her family. She attributes a significant part of her success to the personal growth she has experienced through her program involvement. Jackie often speaks thoughtfully and gratefully of the support she has received. Empowered by The Family Hope and Family Self-Sufficiency Program’s encouragement and guidance, Jackie now has an improved quality of life.

(written for The Salvation Army)

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