That’s It Veggie Bean + Carrot Bar

Find your veggies in a granola bar? That’s It Veggie Bean + Carrot bar is that simple. Various combinations of organic ingredients like Black Bean and Carrot, Corn, Kale, and Pea, and tapioca make snacking easy, healthy and fun. Don’t worry about having to wash or cook vegetables while you are traveling or exercising and are needing a healthy snack. That’s It is a convenient and unique option for the health-conscious. Made of real plant foods and non-GMO ingredients this vegetable snack is a low-fat, chewy granola bar. That’s It Veggie Bean + Carrot bar has only 90 calories, 14% of your daily fiber, no fat, no preservatives, is gluten free, as well as being non GMO. It is perfect for those looking for a kosher or vegan snack. When looking for healthy fruit and vegetable snack options, That’s It has a healthy selection of fruit bars mini bars, probiotics, and truffles. Choose products and flavors. Make eating healthy easy and simple. copy for product. Please note that That’s It vegetable bars have since been discontinued. Please visit and shop the Amazon affiliate links below for other That’s It products—fruit bars, variety packs, truffles, and crunchables.)

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That’s it Fruit Bars Snack Gift Box (20 Pack)
100% All Natural, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Low Carb Snacks – Healthy Fruit Snacks Bulk Variety Pack
(Strawberry, Mango, Blueberries, Cherries & Fig Bars)


That’s It. Fun Size Mini Fruit Bars Variety Pack (50 Pieces,10g Each)
With Apples + Bananas, Apples + Cranberries, Non-GMO, Paleo and Kosher Friendly, Gluten Free Breakfast Snacks

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