Taboo Topics

What are you talking about?!? Good etiquette means practicing good manners. There are 4 topics that are things you should never talk about if you want to practice being polite: Money, Politics, Religion, and Sex.

These topics are sensitive areas either because they are classified or core beliefs. Talking about issues in these categories can cause friction and discomfort to the other person and even be very hurtful. When you are aware of this you respect the other person’s dignity and beliefs. Unless both parties are open to discussing topics in these categories, it is very inappropriate.

Make friends by politely asking if the other person minds talking about a certain topic which may be sensitive. If so, then be open-minded when you discuss these issues being sure not to counter the other person tearing them down and rudely opposing them. Your belief is not the only way. Welcomed open-discussions are a great way to learn from others. However, if these topics are not welcomed for discussion, do not proceed. There are so many other things to talk about. You’ll win a friend and good manners is good etiquette.

[written for @cultureofkind]

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