Wave and Smile

One of the easiest ways to extend an olive branch, and a touch of human friendliness, is to wave and smile. Many people are never greeted each day. Most people are so engrossed in their cell phones, or computers, that it is rare that human eye contact is even made unless you specifically are out to meet up with someone. The standard of ‘politeness’ is to stand from a distance, giving a person their respectful space, of course, and throw a comment their way, whether kind or not. As adults, it has become an insult to actually talk in person to anyone unless it is to ask for directions or for a business reason. Try it. Wave and smile at someone in person. Even if they are different than you or if you disagree with them. Without even saying a word, you just acknowledged another human existence with the easiest way to be respectful.

This suggestion was made by a child in line for a Library Reading Program in Cedar Hill, TX.

[written for @cultureofkind]

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