Fathers As Role Models

“Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
—Proverbs 22:6

Dads have a special place in life. They are role models for their children training them how to have good morals, solid character, work ethic, motivation, discipline, manners, and how to treat people. These set develop a firm foundation in children which will remain with them for the rest of their life.

A dad specializes in teaching wood-building and special projects, they are the fix-n-repair solution masters, the money sense geniuses (unless it has to do with electronics), and they are fabulous chefs-of-the-grill. These are the some of the basic essentials. Some also are experts on camping, fishing, golf, football, or a number of other sports, and of course, how to maneuver the latest technical device.

As a disciplinary, fathers exercise tough love, which is equalized with a soft-side of hugs for daughters and pats on the back for sons encouraging with statements of “Good job!”, “You’ll get it!”, and “I’m proud of you!”. With this positive encouragement, kids can soar, and accomplish a lot. When older, words of encouragement and wisdom still ring in the self-conscious of their children as adults, because they are inbred into the person defining their self-esteem and knowing that they can achieve anything.

Dads and father-figures are instrumental in teaching respect at an early age to their children. They have a special impact on teaching daughters on what to look for in a date and a spouse, by the character and values they exhibit within their family and to the community. They teach sons how to be leaders and how to love and respect women properly. Being a good role model, their lives define what good character is and what healthy relationships are. Children learn how to love and how to be loved.

Although not all are fortunate to have a dad, or one who has served as a role model, most have had some sort of father-figure who has stepped up and filled this honorable role. It is not an easy job, but one which has infinite rewards and requires endurance. As its own venture, fathers envision many things for their children. Plans and a list of values they want to instill are already being formed even before a child is born. There is not a manual, but most do an exceptional job. While most look forward to high school or college graduation as relief, the job does not end there or ever. Fatherhood manifests into a new dimension as an adult dad who has retired from most instruction and discipline, but who has a special place of honor and is still a source for advice. Once a father, always a father. Fathers deserve to be commended and appreciated on this special day of the year.

Father’s Day is a time to remember your father and tell him “I love you!” and say “Thanks!”.

Happy Father’s Day!

[written for @cultureofkind]

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