As Easy As Pie

Acts of Hospitable Kindness

As we march into July, it is a perfect time to practice random acts of kindness while being neighborly and hospitable. Although it may not be as common now, it wasn’t long ago that neighbors brought food to one another out of thoughtfulness. The gift was sharing the latest recipe that was a success, or a sample of the latest batch of cookies, hot out of the oven, still warm. It was a good excuse to go next door, or across the street and say, “Howdy”. Texas spirit in full-swing, always with a warm welcome, a positive greeting, and some of the funniest phrases on the planet, to spread some love.

With 4th of July approaching, traditionally there are parades, picnics, and of course, early lawn seating for the spectacular fireworks. The festive celebration of independence is an ideal time to congregate with friends and meet new people. It’s an energized time of excitement and an outburst of friendliness as friends get together to celebrate. This year is much different with cancellations to all the major celebrations. With COVID-19 restrictions still in affect, the 4th of July is one of independence rather than togetherness.As you plan for your own unique 4th of July event, think of others who may be by themselves this holiday. Try extending an invitation ahead of time for someone who may be alone to join you. Even if you are planning to have a simple 4th of July, watching the fireworks on TV or online, you might consider having a few people over and hosting a fireworks viewing get-together in your backyard. If you are already planning to attend an event, see how you can offer to help by bringing a dish or lending an extra hand with setting up. Remember to practice social distancing, while still be social!I challenge you to the “Oh, Say Can You See, Challenge”, of seeking out ways to be randomly kind this 4th of July, by extending hospitality and kindness to those you don’t know. Dish out an extra bit of kindness to those around you! Being welcoming and friendly is part of our country’s culture and heritage. Take the liberty this 4th of July of being extra kind.

[written for @cultureofkind]

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