Encouraging a New Venture: Helium of Encouraging Words

Do you know someone who might be embarking on a new vision or journey? Can you join them with your enthusiasm? Encouragement is one way to spread kindness showing another person you care. By taking time to listen and learn about what goals others have, you can help cheer them on. When we join in celebrating successes we add to encouragement. Belief in others can make things happen beyond whatever is imagined. The power of encouragement can move mountains, give renewed energy, and make hope soar again.

Encouraging words of support can remind a person of a vision and breathe enthusiasm into a deflated spirit. Perceived failures are just one point along a path. When it seems that all is loss, often it is those who have been cheering us on all along, who can sustain us, with a reminder to keep going. They are the hand which lifts us up when we start to question ourselves.

Encouragement is also found within. While we should encourage each other, each of us has a voice inside where belief in ourselves resides. Through prayer and meditation we can find internal encouragement knowing that what is beyond us can help us achieve what we desire.

New ventures can bring excitement and nervous anticipation. Having support from encouraging people helps through hurdles in the most challenging and discouraging stages. No matter what the venture, positive energy and belief in people and ideas can go a long way in reaching goals. Having support of people who contribute with enthusiasm, openness and positive words to new ideas can be revolutionary in making things happen. What you say matters.

Who can you encourage?

Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness
Be Cultured. Be Kind.
Encourage Someone.

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