Your Hang-Ups: Words On the Line

“Art? I can’t draw!”

“I’m fat—I need to lose weight.”

 “He or she is too good for me.”

“I look horrible!”

“What is wrong with me?!”

As top statements inadvertently used as self-criticism when speaking to others, these types of statements are not sales tactics and are an unkind way to speak about yourself. Although these mindless comments come out of the mouth naturally, it would be far better to speak with positiveness rather than emphasize negative qualities. Granted, there may be some truth to these—but these types of remarks tear down the one saying them unconscientiously in order to receive accolades from another to confirm their self-worth.

If you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself, stop, reflect, and rephrase. If you really believe these statements, rather than saying them aloud, remain silent or say something positive instead. There are other things you can do. There are other attributes to accentuate and mention without bragging. Speak well of yourself and watch others recognize you in agreement rather than as a counter-response. If they can’t agree, at least they will admire your positive comments and good self-esteem.

Kindness in speech also means speaking kindly about yourself.

Be Cultured. Be Kind.

—Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness


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Joel Osteen is a pastor, televangelist, and author

Speak Life
Joyce Meyer is Charismatic Christian author and speaker and President of Joyce Meyer Ministries


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