Wish List for the Hopeful

Hope is positive thinking with the anticipation and expectation something will occur. It is a belief in what can happen, what is possible, and the good of what is believed will come. People who have hope have spirit of positiveness which is open to the possibilities of what can be rather than focus on the negative. Besides personal hope, there is also hope from doing good for others. For those who believe in karma, good actions toward another will result in a good outcome for them in areas of their life. They might be compelled to be kind toward others with the hope that their good works will benefit themselves in the long run because ‘what goes around comes around’.

Hope It’s Said Right

In How It Is Stated: When it comes to kindness and hope, a kind person will spread hope to others in the form of good will and good wishes. “I hope you feel better”, “I hope you get to come”, “I hope you are able to.” It is almost a form of a simple prayer because it asks for kindness to happen to another with belief when said sincerely

In How It Sounds: There is also an excitement which can come with having hope. This excitement can be contagious in anticipation for what is hoped for, and sometimes the combination of hope can be so strong that it actually will happen. When children squeal in excitement that they hope they can go to Disneyland, over the course of time, if it’s feasible, it’s likely what they hope for may very well happen. People want to fulfill the hopes and desires of others. When you state what you hope for, there is a chance it may happen. The same occurs with God and petitions, or prayer.

In Its Resilient Belief: When facing challenges in life, a person may have persevering hope which carries them through a trial helping to endure the most difficult parts. There also is the undying hope some have which will not go away. This can be a form of negative hope. There are times when having hope is not good to continue with. Usually this is in the form of certain relationships. One person may feel things should continue or hope for a change, and while this may seem heroic to have undying hope, unless there is a realistic possibility, it can be unhealthy—because there really is no hope.

Hoping well for another is a form of kindness. List how many times you think of others and have good, sincere wishes for them. Here’s hoping it’s plentiful! Maybe you are in a position to fulfill a hope that someone has. No time like the present of the season!

Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

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