2020 Accountability

A New Year and a fresh start! Most people have spent a few minutes reflecting on what they plan to achieve in the coming year. This chance for a new beginning brings a burst of energy to goals and projects. Although ambition is high, it is inevitable that human nature and schedules eventually win over against new resolutions. It is easy to not be as committed as priorities change and interest is lost. To stay on track, track your progress and re-evaluate your goals if need be to what is attainable.

When you make a list of goals for 2020, consider sharing your goals with another person who you can check-in with incrementally throughout the year. Brainstorm a list of rewards for yourself to keep you going by setting rewards for milestone achievements along the way. You can also keep track of your progress using a diary. Be sure to include the date, what you completed, rank of how it went, and what you hope to accomplish as the next step. Do you share a goal with another person? See if he or she would be interested in spending time on your common goal together. Working out is probably the #1 goal for New Year’s resolutions. If this is one of your goals, find a workout-buddy who you can go to the gym with on a regular basis and keep each other motivated and challenged. Add an element of fun to your goals and see your success skyrocket!

Have you considered setting goals for a higher standard for respect, etiquette, and kindness? Set goals for improved etiquette & manners, speech, kindness, and inspiring others! Everyone has areas to improve on. Set one goal or several! Your life will change for the better—you can count on it!

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