Goals for Etiquette and Manners

Whether you are attending a social or business gathering, in line at the grocery store, or on the cell phone, it is important to remember to use good etiquette and have good manners. Do you catch yourself interrupting people? Using profanity? Speaking negatively? Destroying hope? Gossiping? Making remarks or nickname-calling which could be insulting and hurtful to another? Does the cell phone take priority over the person in front of you? These are just some ways which may be ideas to incorporate into your goals for 2020.

You might think to yourself you don’t do any of these that often, or that it isn’t that important. Take a tally of how often you do these and see which ones score the highest which you could set a goal for. Watch your relationships approve socially and professionally by practicing good etiquette and becoming more conscientious of being respectful.

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