Movie Review: Jexi

JEXI is a thought-provoking movie making a call on the need for a balance between human relationships and dependency on technology for everyday existence. Jexi brings to the forefront the question of defining what a relationship is in today’s 21st century world as we move toward further integrated advancements such as artificial intelligence. What is the limit and what is on the line when it comes to technology replacing in-person human relationships.

Movie Review: Jexi
In a world where we are becoming more dependent on our cell phones for companionship, the movie Jexi raises the question of how human relationships have changed in the 21st century as a result of technology. In this movie, Phil (Adam Devine), is excited to buy a new cell phone. Loaded with all the latest apps and technology, including artificial intelligence, the cell phone seems to be the best on the market and even comes with a personal assistant to help organize Phil’s life. Jexi, with the personality of a single female tries to lure Phil into a relationship with her while helping him with all of his daily decisions. She offers Phil advice as an answer to all of his needs. He falls in love with here as she quickly begins to overtake his life. Phil must learn how to transition from the awkwardness he has with in-person interactions and being engrossed with technology, to making a conscious decision that people come first and risks are meant to be taken in person.

JEXI Movie

Buy or Rent Jexi
Starring: Adam Devine, Alexandra Shipp, Michael Peña and Rose Byrne
Directed by: Jon Lucas

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