Leading a Restoration of Dignity

Digging into dignity of a person comes in many forms. At a minimum, it may be a few words in jest not meant to be disrespectful. At its worse, it is disowning the value of a human person and dishonoring their very existence.

An individual has dignity for him or herself when they maintain their own self-worth despite what others say or do. Fig leaves are a symbol of the first attempt of dignity after the fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. As you can see in 1 Corinthians 12:23, for those who read the Bible, those parts which are less honorable are clothed, so that they may have greater honor. Whether it is sensitive matters of areas of our life or private areas of our bodies, choosing to keep these covered is part of maintaining our human dignity. While each person may have a different degree of what is acceptable to them, it should be respected that others may have completely different standards. For example, if a person is stripped and guided around in public without clothes on against their will, that would be an insult to that person’s human dignity. Watching a person going to the bathroom or showering without permission is an insult to human dignity. It would be even more insulting to share details of this with others. Each culture defines dignity and where it is tread upon. Most of these boundaries are similar throughout the world.

Maintaining a good attitude when you lose, is an example of holding to dignity by keeping your chin up. Likewise, losing a contest and tossing away pride to shake the other’s hand is where dignity shows it’s worth. It may be knowing that you were called on a bad action and then come forward with it to own it. It is taking what might be viewed as shame and turning it over by owning it, choosing the higher road. 

Lack of dignity is found in many situations. A person who is unclothed and is viewed without permission, a women who is raped without her consent, the person who is homeless who is despised, or a person is treated less than equal to the general population even if they blend in, or where lack of ability or lack of physical or mental perfection is found in an individual and is mocked. It is the person who is spit on because of differences in belief, race, ability, or physical attributes. It is spying and eavesdropping invading the privacy of another, revealing trite acts of normal human daily functions such as toileting or other intricacies to disgrace someone, speaking crassly or of taboo topics when higher etiquette and conversational topics are expected. It is misuse of the human body of another person in its normal functions. It is comparing against what cannot be met and repeatedly told ‘not adequate’. Lack of dignity is any situation where a person is not respected when respect is due given.

As people who encounter other people every day, we can choose to be leaders or bystanders when we notice this. What makes a great leader is one who notices wrong and stands for what is right. It is refusing disparagement, the publication of false and injurious statements that are derogatory of another’s property, business, or product. It is the person who advocates change to make a difference for the good-will and safety of all. Dignity gives human worth and honor to each person and protects that which they choose to keep reserved.

–contributed by Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

I encourage everyone to be a source of inspiration to all you meet to change the current culture where dignity is lacking.  Every day I encounter dignity compromised in speech with segregation and discriminatory hate statements. It has happened in over 60 jobs and yet another job today. These people use a remote app to view me live anywhere using cameras and cell phone apps with thousands who have had illegal access to view and comment live overhead to create psychologically abusive environments that cannot be escaped from. Each employer has had access as well. On average 6-10 people have access a day overhead, with over 50 a month and additional people added almost daily. Information is revealed that should not be anyone’s concern to publicly shun and humiliate to the entire DFW metroplex which I hear at every retail store and every place I go to. Known people rather speak remotely breaching the privacy overhead in the ceiling than spend time in person. They curtail any new acquaintances to cause a life of isolation. Many groups of people have been involved in sexual crimes spraying me unconscious as a means for fun, such as an event with 20 rapists who pulled me out of my car and transported me to 3 locations for 20 rapes in one night, and previously many other sexual crime parties of perversion and rape, at several places I’ve lived the last decade. The top stalkers use radiation assaults to abuse me overhead almost every night buzzing my body out of punishment or to wake me up. They hate my reproductive system and will use pinpoint lasers to touch body parts, use radiation to buzz, microwave radiation to expand organs, etc. They have used sprays, Taser guns, smelling objects, and hypnosis to knock me unconscious. They use transcendental dreams to strip my soul as I sleep. They inquire questions and set scenarios as they seek truths which may or not be the case and comment on what they observed as I wake up. These same people, with their propaganda have caused a discrimination issue in 60+ jobs where I am hired to be publicly humiliated and let go within a day or less on average. It happened again today after starting the job just yesterday. The employers this year are even delaying paychecks by months after doing this. Despite constant reports it is all considered a civil matter, and with no means for defense, it has been a bombardment of hate, violation, and oppression for the last 14 years. I am homeless still living outside in the cold while employers and retailers still won’t stop. Led by my family members, former friends, priests, and other people, I have to wonder who gives human dignity anymore. Society breeds hate. Every alive person I’ve every known has been involved who these organizers have recruited. All new employers or associations are given access as well. Standards of human dignity has completely escaped for these people. Thousands have been involved here in this area. How can dignity and privacy be elevated to a proper level of respect and value for each other?

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