Reaching Higher: What’s to Lose?

Winning and losing is part of life. It takes practice and hard work. Taking a leap for a higher standard with respect and kindness is sure to score. Here are a few approaches to winning:

One way is that a person can play determined to achieve a desired goal. Affixed on the goal, winning can seem to be the only option, no matter what the cost—even at the expense of other people. Being focused on the goal of winning, a competitive person can barrel toward the goal destructive to those in their path. Reaching for a goal, usually means reaching for a higher standard—but if you’re knocking people down in the process it may be a slam dunk of a different kind. Going for the gold could be shinier and leave less slivers. One of the best ways to play is to keep the goal in focus but look out for others as you head for what you are wanting to achieve. If you knock people down, sportsmanship suffers. The game is more fun if everyone can play and also have a good time. As a leader or team member, pass the ball back and forth. Let others have a chance to have the spotlight. Being kind and a good sport is a win for all playing, and it is contagious. Winners work hard, have a positive energy, an enthusiastic spirit, and spring for the basket of success. Regardless of whether they make it or not, a success can be found in how they played and how they interacted with others in the process.

A second approach to winning is by a mastery of self. A person strives to master the solid anchors of morale, character, and hard work. For these people, what matters most is how the game is played and what the response is when subjected to different trials and circumstances. Many who fall into this category work as if everything depends on them, while trusting that everything depends on God. They working earnestly, with the sweat of their brow, and live life with the best possible sense of ethics and fairness toward others and any situation. They give honor to others and to God in their work. Knowing that they put forth their very best and treated those in their path with honesty and fairness, is a win.

A third approach to winning is by selflessly helping others succeed. These people see winning in life as being an instrumental part of the success of others. They accentuate the good qualities in people and find joy in helping others succeed. Not everyone has the same level with intellect, speed, ethics, or talent. Reaching higher means realizing that while the game has a goal, the players matter, and as a team, each can contribute with what talents they have. Every individual has noticeable qualities which can be appreciated. In a work environment, recognizing and utilizing these talents can be an asset to the team. Rather than seeing the deficiencies in others, notice the positive ones! When you find aspects in others you can appreciate, and draw upon them, suddenly you can strategize more effectively for scoring big, rather than missing the shot by causing bad morale.

Winning in life might be a combination of these for you. For most, striving to do good, at least most of the time, with a positive approach to life, and practicing good work ethic, means being a winner, no matter what the outcome may be. If your mouth is akin to dribbling gossip or uncivilized talk, shoot for kinder and more polite speech. If you find you have gotten lazy with helping others, see if you can spring for kindness by helping others. Just like sports, taking the jump to refine civility to the next level takes practice and strategy. Setting higher goals and aspirations, what’s to lose?

Reach higher. Spring Into Kindness.

Edited from an article written for Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

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