Spring Into Kindness: Cross Country

Who’s in the running when it comes to top non-profit organizations in the United States? With all having different missions, there are plenty to choose from to get involved with or donate to. Tie your shoelaces and see what is available to bring kindness ‘cross the country…

With what time you have to give, there are plenty of opportunities for a person to volunteer locally within the community. Assisting with the homeowner’s association, a bake sale, helping a neighbor, joining a volunteer effort at work, an organization at church, at a local library or hospital, or being on the PTA are just a few ways to volunteer. For those who want to be part of a larger organization, there are non-profit organizations which benefit special interests such as American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, the North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Health, The Salvation Army, Dallas Life Foundation, Catholic Charities or others. In addition to volunteering in person, many of these organizations have ways a person can contribute financially or by donate to without much time commitment.

Volunteering remotely is possible working from the comfort of your home. There are organizations which recruit volunteers from around the country who can commit to a minimum amount of hours. Remote volunteering is a good match for those who want to volunteer but who need a flexible schedule. Websites such as voly.org and volunteermatch.org advertise volunteer positions for organizations which are needing help. Find your passion and make a difference! Searching based on area, interest, and talent yields many positions to choose from. There are many remote opportunities available which you can donate your time and skills to by committing just a few hours that works with your schedule and you don’t even need to leave the house.

For those who can take on more of a challenge and commitment, organizations are seeking board of directors and directors to head up their efforts. The sky is the limit. You might even be inspired to start your own non-profit. If you feel called to start a non-profit of your own, be sure to look online to learn more about how to get started. There are a number of reasons non-profits are started. Typically non-profits are established for a specific demographic with a common interest or as a response to a problem which can benefit the community. They also are formed as a way to channel positive energy and drive community awareness rather than dwell on negativity from a crisis. For charitable non-profits, a community is formed which can raise money by hosting fun events and an outlet is available for those suffering. Maybe you have a family member who has suffered from an illness. Maybe you have noticed an area which can be of benefit to others which you can reach and serve as a non-profit or 501c3 organization. It just takes one person to make a difference, and it’s likely there are others willing to help. Check it out if you are the ambitious type.

Get out your calendar if you are a socialite. The social scene with a charitable mission to it might be an incentive to have fun and donate at the same time. There are plenty of fundraising events in the Dallas area throughout the year which are fun to attend and provide an opportunity to give at the same time. Several of these are hosted by sports teams such as the Dallas Stars, the Mavericks, or the Dallas Cowboys. There are also large social parties, drawing thousands of attendees, which are held every year such as the Cattle Baron’s Ball in October at Gilley’s or the Margarita Society which hosts happy hours throughout the year, a golf tournament, and a large social event held in December which is co-hosted by Love for Kids collecting toys for children.

Other charitable events can be found by searching online or on Eventbrite. Like to run? Literally spring into kindness by racing to purchase a ticket which goes to fund a charity. There are many themed marathons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area happening each month of the year. If you enjoy food, there are several tasting events which are tantalizing ways to give to charity while entertaining your taste buds. Buy a ticket for a chef-catered formal meal, a wine tasting, BBQ, or a black-tie dinner. Maybe fashion is your show when it comes to charity. Walk the walk yourself by attending and donate there. There are even charitable events for the shopaholic. If the idea of enjoying shopping while sipping on glass of wine and eating sweet delicacies sounds like fun, there are events for those who like being catered to while see what there is to buy and take home. Shopping by bidding at an auction while enjoying a formal dinner might be a chance to find an item which is a collectable, an autographed item, or even win a unique trip package with proceeds going to charity. Simply by using your cell phone, you can search for items which are available to bid on, making the process that much easier. There are many ways to give locally or across the country. Search online and see what interests you the most and jump into making an impact!


Find a Non-Profit or Charity Organization in the Dallas area:
List of Non-Profit Organizations in Dallas

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National Council of Nonprofits1001 G Street NW
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Online Resources for those Starting a Non-Profit:
…Or visit your local library!

Organizations to Volunteer With:
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