Bo Mom Knows

Word up…

Mom knows first before her child heads to the birthday party that the parents were planning to bag up half of the attendees and kill off 1/3 of the 1st grade class.

Sound shocking? Well it happens.

Mom’s got the Word…

Mom knows first, even before the child even got into the car to go to the party. And she even knows who was going to be there and there was a good chance you might end up driving home with an intoxicated friend.

Bo, glad Mom knows and cared…

Being involved in your child’s life is more than just chauffeuring them to the next event and checking their grades. Good parents know where their kids are and who they are hanging out with. In fact, it probably is even a good idea to become friends with some of your kid’s friend’s parents. The time that your child spends with other children and their families has an impact on their views, peer pressure, their grades, their attitudes, and their life. Are you one of those parents who nothing slips by? Then good job, your child is safer than most. If you don’t, spend some time learning more about your child and how they spend their time when you aren’t around. This doesn’t mean limiting their freedom, but as their parent you are responsible for their life and should be aware of how they are being influenced. Ultimately you may incur extra problems if you don’t. And quite frankly, when you are that nosy with your child who is a minor, you are the kind of parent who cares.

—Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

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