Dating: Dignity Deserved

The all-time classic song by Aretha Franklin “RESPECT” addresses dignity. While respect is important, having an attitude of human superiority over another can be unhealthy.

Being polite and respectful is a way of showing humbleness and honor of the other person. An attitude of demanded subservience, ordered by either gender, is an example of a lack of dignity and respect. When people love or care about each other, they will naturally serve each other. Some even go a step further and serve others not out of love or care for the other person necessarily, but rather out of love and service to God.

Human dignity is owed to every person. It is part of dating and everyday life. When people are kind and care about each other it should come naturally to treat others with respect and dignity. Kindness and respect means having consideration for others in speech and action. Respectfulness can also be found in caring for one’s personal presentation in appearance, actions, in how others are treated with consideration and generosity, speaking politely, and overall using good etiquette in everyday life.

Even beyond dating relationships, reacting toward situations where someone is receiving less than human dignity, can be a way give dignity where dignity is missing. Building dignity in these situations can even be heroic. It is giving human value and worth when a person is being told in word or action that they are less than worthy of human respect.

Dignity is deserved to all and is not outdated. The person who lives with a sense of dignity towards all is deserving of the best!

—Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

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