Eyes Seeing You: Camera Invasion

The trend today is to use applications to view people remotely. In fact, as the latest enigma in viewing pleasure, its rankings are escalating higher than that of everyday TV shows. Why invest time watching sitcoms when you can watch those you love and care about live, spying on all the intricacies of their everyday life. Spying real-time, these applications have the ability to invade the privacy of anyone simply by entering in data. Accessing them anywhere, the viewer is able to view them as if a security camera were pointed directly on them in full zoom, showing all details, in full-color, and real-time. Not only can the person view live, but they are able to speak overhead, all from off-site. Most of these violators use it as entertainment or a type of porn, except it is worse than porn. With porn, women at least give have given permission to be seen either in magazines, online, or through video. Using their device to view remotely, users are easily fooled as repeated use becomes a way to join someone entering into their life, as a form of an imaginary dating or marriage relationship, accessing more details than if that were truly the case. The one-way relationship only exists in their mind however as they access another person’s life and drive an addiction of a need-to lust for knowledge. With the remote app, the victim’s entire life is invaded upon and stolen. Each second is able to be viewed from anywhere, and live—and by anyone for that matter who is given access. It gives a new meaning to rape of the human soul.

There are some things which should remain private and do not need to be known by others, such as how we go to the bathroom, nudity, personal conversations, and x-raying through clothes to view details to mock, shun, or compare. Those viewing redefine their understanding of humanity, with their preferred, new interpretation of what it means to interact with another human. As a complete insult to human dignity and human life, these have learned to see humans as less than humans, but rather as a remote TV show or a walking human object to know all the intricacies about. They label it as a division of anthropology, the art of studying of humans—and without permission, division it is. These prefer to strip down the human existence to a breathing corpse of a body, an object as something to disrespect and observe. The human soul is being beaten upon as the person assumes access to another’s life striving have equality to God. Who gives them this right? God as all knowing, has this top security-clearance. He knows and sees everything, and loves all He has created. Humans who take this liberty do not need all of this knowledge and violate human dignity. The victim is viewed and the shattering effects are qualified for ICU.

By diving into another’s world without permission, they are breaking up whatever relationship could have been or was. Abounding in excuses with reasons to justify it such as security, experience to be nude, or any other reason is just an excuse for their destruction. Without permission, none of these “reasons” can hold worth. Respecting boundaries are important especially when it comes to human dignity. Beyond being disrespectful, viewing someone without permission is the epitome of selfishness and unphysical rape. Looking into their own world to take a look at themselves, might do them a world of good, and be a better place to invest their time.  

What happened to asking “May I…?” What was more important was the selfishness of “I”.  The result is definitely: “can this” —by letting go of that one, and all of them who choose that approach, and walk away to wait upon what a higher standard sees—in person, with “May I?”.

—Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

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