How-To Phrase It: And You Can Quote Me PODCAST

Listen to the Podcast on PodbeanSee the Words and Phrases InfographicPODCAST SCRIPT Hi, this is Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness and today is June 6, 2020. Today’s podcast is: How-To Phrase It: And You Can Quote Me. As you all know, it’s good to stay current with the latest news, or the “buzz”….

What Is Considered Rude Speech?

Cutting remarks, profanity, ordering instead of asking, speaking too loudly, being inconsiderate, interrupting, talking over another person not letting them speak, nonverbal communication, not being polite, dumbing down a conversation or speaking above the level of the other person, belittling, calling someone names sexual or nonsexual, mockery—these are all examples of rude speech. It is…