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With the holidays around the corner, the first wave of holiday shoppers are starting to hit the malls. Signs of the holidays are already here with photo areas ready for Santa’s arrival, large indoor displays lit with millions of sparkling lights, and holiday advertisements announcing that seasonal sales are here. Retailers are eager to get a head jump on the season to regain business lost from closures earlier this year due to the spread of COVID-19. If there could be an advent calendar for the shopping season, this year the first door would be at the beginning of November instead of after Thanksgiving. At the mall I frequently go to, the Christmas tree was up even before Halloween!

For most people, this is a bustling time for shopping which gets busier and busier with each week until Christmas. There are presents to shop for, food to buy, and decorations to get in working order. With all of the bustle, it is easy to forget the spiritual aspect of the season. In fact, for many, it may be a very small part of the holiday outside of shopping and joining in on festivities. As part of the season, many people “give” in other ways volunteering their time or giving to charities. For those with larger budgets and who are more adventurous, there are also seasonal opportunities to volunteer abroad.

If you are hoping there are still volunteer opportunities this holiday given the fact that COVID-19 is still a concern—the answer is “yes”! There are plenty of events to participate in for those interested in venturing out. Just remember to wear your mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and stay home if you feel sick.

If you are looking for a way to give back, this season is the perfect time to volunteer your time. If you are not comfortable volunteering in person, consider donating to your favorite charity online. There are plenty of wish lists to fulfill.

Here are a list of ways to volunteer:

Search local volunteer opportunities to help with on-site or remotely:
Check out for a list of volunteer opportunities remotely or on-site Holiday volunteer opportunities can also be found on

Here are additional links to charity organizations to donate or give your time to as a volunteer:

Charitable Donations
Donate to your favorite charity from your computer or mobile device just by searching for your favorite organizations online! You can donate directly from an organization’s webpage or on their page on Facebook. If you just rather shop for items, sign up for an Amazon Smiles account with your Amazon account which donates a percentage of your purchases to your favorite charity invisibly each time you buy on Amazon.

Volunteer with COVID-19 locally:
Interested in helping as a volunteer with COVID-19? There are ways you can help local to where you live. Find out how to become a Coronavirus Volunteer

Assist as a Red Cross volunteer as a medical professional, at shelters, by giving blood, or virtually:
Find out more about becoming a Volunteer for the Red Cross

Have limited time but still want to help? Here are everyday ways to volunteer:

  • Inspire others by speaking positively and politely to others
  • Gently correct those who are speaking inappropriately and rudely to others
  • Speak well of others
  • Help network personal and business contacts that may be beneficial to each other
  • Show your consideration in simple ways by opening doors, being thoughtful, offering a chair, helping lift a heavy item, or by assisting with a project etc.
  • Be more patience than usual
  • Pray for the world and those who are sick
  • Pray for someone
  • Be aware of ways you can help anywhere, throughout your day, in the smallest ways!
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Holiday Safety Supplies 
Holiday Masks
Shop from a variety of holiday masks!

Christmas Hand Sanitizers
As a stocking stuffer idea or to have on hand as you volunteer, hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer holders can be purchased individually or in bulk with holiday themes.

Coronavirus Supplies
If you are organizing a volunteer event or need to keep your own holiday event sanitized, you’ll want to have cleaner, hand gloves, and thermometers—find them all here. Shop to receive these in time for your event!

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