Easy Attacks

Prejudices and Discrimination based on:
Age, Sex, Race, Gender, Color, Creed, Religion, Ethnicity, Pregnancy, Physical Disability, Criminal Conviction, Origin, Social condition, Sexual Orientation, Mental Disability, Source of Income, Linguistic Background, Gender Identity, Ancestry, Political Belief, Marital Status, Social Disadvantage, Family Status, Language, Citizenship, Civil Status, Nationality, Place of Origin, Irrational fear of illness or disease

What may seem like a joke or a casual remark, may really be hateful to another person and cut deep. Lose the small battles and walk away. People with prejudices have fears. The best way to overcome these is by getting to know what you don’t understand, but some don’t take the time or find it important. Ignorance is not accepting others who are different than you and feeling you have to attack them to humiliate them, isolate them or otherwise discriminate.

—Contributed by Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness, @cultureofkind. August 8, 2019

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