Styling with Etiquette

Styling with Etiquette means preparing for your over all presentation each day by being kind in how you speak, being respectful and considerate of others, practicing good hygenie, and dressing nicely whether for casual or for work. Leave an impression that you cared to dress up. Rather than wearing pajama bottoms to the grocery store, put on a pair of jeans. Instead of wearing an old shirt, opt for a new one. Even if you are at home all day due to the winter weather, COVID, or working from home, you will find dressing up takes very little time and can add a fresh attitude to your day. It help the professional be more professional, it shows your spouse you care, it adds a little more command and authority, and it makes you shine just a little more. Here are fashion trends for Spring 2021 and ideas to shop from for new clothes this Spring!

Fashion Trends for Spring 2021

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Women’s Spring Styles

Men’s Spring Styles

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