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Love to read? Shopping for books for CyberMonday or holiday shopping? Here is a compiled list of books by topics from posted articles @Cherbloggin. #affiliates #holiday #books #CyberMonday

REI Camp Gear

Love to camp? Or are you camping for survival? Here is a list of products for those who live outside. The REI brand is known for their high-quality gear for life outdoors. Carrying bulky gear can be cumbersome when traveling and can take up a lot of unnecessary space. REI specializes in selling high quality…

Personality of Coronavirus

What does the way you wear your mask say about you? Read Personality of Coronavirus. Subscribe to @cherbloggin. Shop #affiliates

COVID-19 and Sporting Kindness

Gyms started re-opening a month ago in some areas of the country. Is it working out? Taking steps to ensure cleanliness of the facilities and following social distancing recommendations has been a top priority of local gyms in Dallas-Fort Worth after being closed since mid-March due to the Coronavirus. Gyms have geared up with pre-cautions…

Reaching Higher: What’s to Lose?

Winning and losing is part of life. It takes practice and hard work. Taking a leap for a higher standard with respect and kindness is sure to score. Here are a few approaches to winning: One way is that a person can play determined to achieve a desired goal. Affixed on the goal, winning can…