Books. Affiliates. Holiday Shopping.

Love to read? Shopping for books for CyberMonday or holiday shopping? Here is a compiled list of books by topics from posted articles @Cherbloggin. #affiliates #holiday #books #CyberMonday

SAY…WHAT!?! About Speech

If you think Freedom of Speech means the freedom to say anything, think again. Defamation and other speech can be civil offenses. On the 4th of July we celebrate our country’s independence and the freedoms we have as Americans. The … Continue reading

As Easy As Pie

Acts of Hospitable Kindness As we march into July, it is a perfect time to practice random acts of kindness while being neighborly and hospitable. Although it may not be as common now, it wasn’t long ago that neighbors brought food to one another out of thoughtfulness. The gift was sharing the latest recipe that…