Books. Affiliates. Holiday Shopping.

Love to read? Shopping for books for CyberMonday or holiday shopping? Here is a compiled list of books by topics from posted articles @Cherbloggin. #affiliates #holiday #books #CyberMonday

How-To Phrase It: And You Can Quote Me PODCAST

Listen to the Podcast on PodbeanSee the Words and Phrases InfographicPODCAST SCRIPT Hi, this is Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness and today is June 6, 2020. Today’s podcast is: How-To Phrase It: And You Can Quote Me. As you all know, it’s good to stay current with the latest news, or the “buzz”….

Goals for Etiquette and Manners

Whether you are attending a social or business gathering, in line at the grocery store, or on the cell phone, it is important to remember to use good etiquette and have good manners. Do you catch yourself interrupting people? Using profanity? Speaking negatively? Destroying hope? Gossiping? Making remarks or nickname-calling which could be insulting and…