Styling with Etiquette

Styling with Etiquette means preparing for your over all presentation each day by being kind in how you speak, being respectful and considerate of others, practicing good hygenie, and dressing nicely whether for casual or for work. Leave an impression that you cared to dress up. Rather than wearing pajama bottoms to the grocery store,…

Finding Warmth this Holiday Season

In today’s culture, there is a lack of respect and kindness. It is acceptable to speak on any topic, reveal information to publicly disgrace anyone, misuse retail stores to spread propaganda, delve into Church teachings and practices to become experts just to not live it and destroy human dignity in others in all ways feasible,…

Value of Life

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Books. Affiliates. Holiday Shopping.

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Learning Behavioral Patterns, From the View of Private I

Impressions and Being YouEach person has their own individual identity. We have all learned how to respond to situations, and despite different upbringings, there is a general consensus by the population of what is considered acceptable behavior. Knowing how to respond using proper etiquette in any setting helps create a good impression of yourself, shows…

Cher-Reading List

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Personality of Coronavirus

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The Signs of Communication

With communication today, two extremities of communication exist: self-expression and speaking with discretion. Self-expression, or speaking openly on any topic without much censorship or use of etiquette, is common by most of the population. The second, opposite extreme, is speaking with discretion and saying very little in order to preserve one’s reputation. This is more…

SAY…WHAT!?! About Speech

If you think Freedom of Speech means the freedom to say anything, think again. Defamation and other speech can be civil offenses. On the 4th of July we celebrate our country’s independence and the freedoms we have as Americans. The … Continue reading