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Looking for buys on interesting topics? New to shopping affiliates? Here’s how it all works…

On you’ll find products listed at the bottom of each article. These are listings to hundreds of Amazon affiliate products. By clicking on a product link of an item you are interested in on, you’ll be led directly to the product on Amazon where you can buy it. receives a percentage of the sale on qualifying items.

Below is a list of the commission rates for the affiliates by category. There is also commission on Amazon membership subscriptions and gift card. Most of these membership subscriptions are at a flat commission rate of $3 per membership signup, however, Amazon Prime gifting (12 months), Audible Plus (12 month membership), and Kindle Unlimited (24 month memberships) have a flat rate of $10. Signing up for an Amazon Business account is $15 per membership signup. High priced luxury items such as jewelry and fine art max out at a $200 commission rate.

I encourage you to purchase items you are interested in, especially on topics that you want to learn more about. The products listed also make for good gifts! If you are interested in shopping to help fund, it isn’t set up as a non-profit or business, but my hope is to continue to generate income that can be reinvested to grow the affiliates blog even more. Using these charts and knowing commission rates can help when purchasing items for this reason.

Cherbloggin also features ongoing sales on select products Amazon is featuring. Many of these sales are for one day only, while some are for a week or more. These are affiliate deals through Amazon which will be listed on at least once a month.

In addition to Amazon affiliates, there are several other affiliate programs as part of These are found on the Affiliates page. These have their own commission rate structures. These include: Hooked On Phonics,, The Fullfilment Lab, Genesis Pro, WordPress Engine, StudioPress, Share-a-Sale, and REI Blackbook. Search the blog if you are looking for a specific affiliate promotion.

You can also search the blog with the word “Affiliates” to find entire lists of affiliates that have been promoted such as Cher-reading lists and holiday affiliates by category. You can’t miss product links tho—every page of the blog has affiliates on them!

If you haven’t shopped affiliates before, it is important that you use the link from to click to Amazon to buy. Don’t go to Amazon directly or the commission is lost. Place the item in your cart and buy it within 24 hours!

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If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to IM me on Facebook or send an email to reading, and happy shopping! Thank you for those who have purchased!

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