Rape Part II: Stealing Someone’s Life

We think of rape as a sexual and physical act of non-consent. Can this word also be used to describe the non-physical violation of stealing someone’s life by spying, eavesdropping, sending dreams to inquire answers to probing questions, learning behaviors to master them, and having the goal of gaining absolute knowledge of every aspect of an individual without their consent? If a person is a criminal, and is under investigation by the FBI, there might be some leeway for this type of intrusive activity—with the goal to stop crime for the safety of others. For the average person however, doing this, is a way to rape a person’s life devaluing their human existence and worth.

Seeing Each Life as a Gift with Consent to Share
Each person is given the gift of life. We all have our individual paths and stories. Not all of this is to be shared as public knowledge. A movie called The Circle, is a very good example of what technology has the ability to do, to access anyone’s life at any time. There are benefits to the convenience and power of being able to know anything about anyone at anytime, but doing this desensitizes the value of human existence stripping us down to objects rather than a person. Some rather know all facts and intricate details about a person and then publicize these, rather than experience the beauty of the human spirit which is to be found in knowing an individual and the gift of revealing ourselves to others and sharing our uniqueness with others personally.

“To be part of someone’s life is a beautiful gift. To take the liberty of overstepping boundaries to partake in someone’s life without permission is another form of rape.”

There is a gift in the joy of sharing our stories and experiences to others ourselves. Part of being human is to also have the right to privacy and discretion in what we share. We allow people to have access to certain areas of our lives and withhold other areas to remain private. Our need for privacy stems from wanting to preserve our dignity. Another reason is that trust must be earned before certain people earn the right to know information. Other areas, which may be guarded the most, may be reserved only for self with our personal thoughts, relationship with God, intentions, and dreams. We set boundaries for our privacy when it comes to those areas which require more confidentiality. These areas are not for public knowledge. They may be with about financial information, information about our relationships, our deepest thoughts, desires, or creative ideas we have. There is an inner area of ourselves that should have the right to be withheld from other people who may want to pry. It is in this area where we develop ourselves. In fact, there probably is an entire psychology around this very topic. When what we value as private information is viewed without our permission, we are violated. When our behaviors and unique qualities are learned and duplicated by others, or our ideas and creativity are accessed before we share them, it no longer is our individually which is enjoyed and we are stripped. Instead of admiring what we contribute, the intent is to clone and cheapen what value we bring to the world. It is devaluing to what we contribute to the world. It can be devastating because it is what we are made of, our personality, our talents, our stories, our mannerisms, or anything else of our existence.

The Human Relationship is What Is Seen
The human relationship must be put first. Individuals who turn to remote devices to access other people’s lives remotely to spy and eavesdrop without permission are building habits of destruction. Using this application, they seek to learn everything about another person by watching them, accessing them without permission. Unconsciously they place themselves as more important than the other person, taking the liberty to view them, meanwhile trampling over dignity and human respect, and accessing what is not their right to access. In all essence, it is the infinite quest for knowledge they seek to acquire, which has been tantalizing to humans since the Garden of Eden. To have god-like access, almost equal to God himself, is magical. It is a way to “enter” into the life of another. Some people even become so addicted to this that it becomes the relationship. Just like a new-found porn, or entertainment TV show, the viewer can see into someone else’s life to be with them, silently viewing, or speaking real-time in a one-way conversation to the victim. To the victim, it is highway robbery of their life, and even their soul. Everything that composites the human life from eating, to dressing, going to the bathroom, what is written, created, experimented, and anything that nourishes individuality, and interactions with other humans is all accessible. All secrets are revealed, even if they aren’t secrets. All methods are learned. Learning and sharing these with others, the victim feels their soul as it is ripped and shredded. Not a second is private. It destroys new creativity to be watched. New creativity, which has always been protected by inventors or artists with trademarks for fear of being stolen, is all void. The rapists see new ideas and creativity the moment it is developed, even before it is close to being publicized and they publish it to others with this knowledge they obtain, even before it is fully-created, as if it is their right. Their right, as they see it, is to be all-knowing and all-deserving to be god-like. They use this information to build their popularity for the destruction of the victim. All experiments, new experiences, or anything which develops the person, are also violated. It stunts these creative moments—and who wants to try things as much when someone else is right overhead to view and steal the moment of inception. Joy and inspiration are severely quelched to a dull moment of pain, and withheld instead. The same happens with human relationships as they are overheard, viewed, and participated in as if it were an interactive sitcom. These relationships, no matter what kind, cannot stand a chance with 3rd parties witnessing them and intruding upon them. The addiction to trespassing on the life of another is one which devalues the human existence and multiplies with a plethora of consequences.

In all essence, being viewed, your life is no longer your own to experience and live. A person has to wonder why these intruders do not value their own life, spending time living it to its potential with all the experiences life has to offer, rather than spending their life viewing the life of another person. Secondly, you have to wonder why these offenders do not value the dignity and respect of human existence, instead overstepping these obvious boundaries, to invade upon another person’s life to destruct it. Stealing someone’s life is a form of rape. While it may not be sexual, the holistic experience is violated and damaged.

“When you touch someone’s life it is a privilege. When you touch someone’s heart it is a blessing. When you touch someone’s mind it is an honor. When you touch someone’s soul it is a triumph. When you touch someone’s spirit it is a miracle.”

—Clean Up Dallas with Culture and Kindness

Information Privacy Law (Aspen Casebook) 6th Edition
by Daniel J. Solove (Author), Paul M. Schwartz (Author)

Protection of Information and the Right to Privacy – A New Equilibrium? (Law, Governance and Technology Series (17)) 2014th Edition
by Luciano Floridi

The Circle
Starring: Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega

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